Saturday, December 12, 2015

Today I ran

So today, I ran. How far did I run? I don't know exactly. What pace did I run? I don't know that either. Why is this blog worthy? Because I think every runner can relate. Let me explain.
In July I ran a training run in Uwharrie and it sucked. It sucked bad. Maybe my worst day running ever. I got in my own head so bad that I was trying to convince myself that running the Uwharrie 100 was not possible. I wasn't good enough. I wasn't strong enough. I could never do that. I might as well work an aid station and help those who are actually capable of completing the race.
I called Sarah when I got back to the car and told her how bad it was and that I had some soul searching to do. On the way home it hit me. That is NOT who I am. And that is NOT who's I am. God does not make junk. And I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Phil 4:13
I was refocused. In 2015 I only ran 3 races because about every other Saturday was spent running Uwharrie. It was my only running goal for 2015. If you have not read my race report, the race took all I had to finish. I left everything on that mountain. It left me physically and emotionally drained, but I finished the race set before me.
I circle back to that race because every since then my running as been sporadic. I have done some work with a personal trainer to improve my core muscles. But I have not run with a plan, a goal, or a GPS watch since then.
it has been totally free. No plan to run a set number of miles on any day. Some mornings I woke up and went back to sleep. Some mornings I just ran. Saturday mornings like this one, I woke up without an alarm clock, waited for daylight, and then ran. No headlamp. No, "I have to run 20 ( or 30) today."
April 2nd I am running Blind Pig 100, so training will ramp back up and miles will be required. But not today.
I ran today. I ran because I love to run. And it was awesome.

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