Saturday, March 29, 2014

Next huge adventure

While I am not sure why I created a blog or why I haven't posted to it in a few years, I also don't know why I am posting now. Since that first Thunder Road on 12/11/10, I have run 7 more marathons, 2 50K's, and a 40 miler. I am not fast, have set no land speed records, nor care to. More enjoyment in running comes from distance. It is the experience. Every race I have run, I have met at least one person who shared some miles with me and more importantly, a little piece of themselves. During he quiet, isolated running times, I have prayed, laughed, and cried. All with good purpose, never from physical pain. I ran my first ultra February 2013 which was the Uwharrie Mountain Run 40 miler. I ran no trails or real hills leading up to this run, but finished, before the cutoff. I got to see the sun both rise and set from the top of the mountain. I finished the last two miles with three other guys, in the dark, with headlamps. I ran that race knowing it would qualify me for Umstead. One of those guys I finished with was running Umstead in April 2013. By the finish line of those 40 miles, I was not beat, I was ready to take he leap. When sign up rolled around I was on my computer and ready to hit refresh over and over until the registration screen appeared. I quickly filled out the form and entered my credit card number and hit submit before the registration screen timed out. Then I realized what I had just done. One week from right now, at 6 am on April 5th, 2014, I will toe the starting line of the Umstead 100. Am I ready? I don't feel as well trained as I would like to be, but I am SO ready. I have four great pacers lined up to run with me for the last 50 miles. My amazing wife is going to crew me and support me all through the race as well as push me through the last lap. I can't wait to see what God as for me out on that course. The people in he ultra world are different people all with amazing stories and kind hearts. Who will I share miles and stories with over this, the longest run of my life? If whatever moved me to start this blog and to even update it this morning continues on my heart, I will post an update after I finish my first 100 miler. I really should fill in some gaps over the last three years. Maybe even mention that I have already signed up for my next 100 miler in he fall. For right now, the focus is on Umstead. With that said, I need to get a couple hours of running in this morning so I can spend the rest of he day with my beautiful girls. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. -Phil. 4:13